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All membership options give access to the Reabault Discord server where I post all my work as soon as I finish it.

How do the sketch requests and upgrades work?

Message me on Discord to make your requests.

  •  REQUESTS ARE NOT COMMISSIONS. You have no rights, I have the final word on everything.
  • Sketches and Pinups must be of existing characters, I will not design new ones. If you want a character designed you have to commission that outside of this service and I'll be happy to help with that.
  •  Sketches and Pinups may be nsfw or sfw, whatever you like as long as it's just one character.
  •  You may offer directions on specific poses or acts (even explicitly sexual) or outfits (as long as they exist). I am not obligated to follow any instructions or directions given nor give any notice about what I will or won't do. If you must have something specific then commission me like everyone else.
  • I am also absolutely allowed to refuse requests I don't like the sound of, I will let you know though so you can easily just make a different request.
  • All subscribers must make their monthly reward sketch/upgrade/commission requests before the 20th of the month so that I have time to get everyone done. You are welcome to make them before the start of the month. The sooner the better. 
  • If the end of the month is approaching and there's no sign of your monthly request then send me a polite reminder.
  • Any attempt to take advantage of the request system or to use these rules against me will result in a ban.
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  • Discord Server access. All my work! Livestream requests! Monthly requests!

  • Discord Server access. All my work! Livestream requests! Monthly requests!


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